Marriage Summits

Sonrise conducts off-site marriage summits to encourage and equip couples, from newlyweds to seasoned veterans, for the amazing journey of marriage. Sonrise marriage summits aim to provide a combination of inspiring Biblical vision and effective practical steps that make a difference for each couple immediately.

Here are some comments from those who have attended Sonrise marriage events:

“Awesome – inspiring – challenging – eye-opening!”

“It has helped us find hope again; learn to listen to one another and given us practical steps to take home with us.”

“We are so excited to head home to try what God has spoken so clearly to us. We have had a breakthrough in more than one area and have a few action steps to take.”


Key Marriage Summit Details

Duration: Four (2-hour) sessions spread over two or three days.

Min/Max Attendees: Normally between 30 and 100 couples 

Location: At a church or conference center in the local area

Cost: Normally between $2500 to $4000 (depending on the location and duration).

Timing: We typically begin working with the host church or organization between 3 and 12 months prior to the summit date.

Typical Schedule

Day 1

5:00 pm                  Arrival / Registration

5:30 pm                  Dinner

7:00 pm                  Session 1

8:45 pm                  Free Time


Day 2

 8:15 am                  Breakfast

 9:15 am                  Session 2

10:15 am                  Break

10:30 am                 Session 3

12:00 pm                 Lunch

 1:00  pm                 Free Time

 2:30 pm                 Session 4

 4:00 pm                 Marriage Summit complete                 


Next Steps: If you want to discuss bringing a marriage summit to your area, please contact us.