Internship Application

We are excited that you are considering an internship at Sonrise Mountain Ranch. If you have any questions concerning this application, please feel free to call Matt at (970) 249-5774.

Once we have received your application and references, we will contact you for a follow-up interview. Upon completion of that interview, we will contact you within 14 days (unless otherwise noted) to let you know the status of your application. May God bless you and guide you through this application process.

Person to be Notified In Case of Emergency

Part II: Education

I am certified in the following:

Part III: Employment History

(Please list the two most recent jobs you’ve had)

Part IV: Spiritual Life and Ministry Experience

Describe briefly your experience in the following areas:

Part V: Reference Forms

You will need to list 4 references. We will email them a link to a reference form they will need to fill out to complete your application process.

2 Employer/Teacher References – A person who has seen you interact with others in a work or volunteer environment (like an employer or co-worker), or in a school environment (like a teacher).

2 Pastor/Mentor References – A person who knows your spiritual journey (like a pastor, mentor, or counselor).

Part VI: Staff Expectations

We are a ministry focused on being disciples and making disciples out of our love for God and love for others. Our staff must model this approach to living before we can encourage others to do the same. With this concern in mind, we are committed to providing a ministry in which our guests can see living examples of a Christlike life. Because this is essential to this ministry, we ask our staff to commit to the following:

1. Living a life devoted to the Lord and pursuing humility, holiness, and godliness.

2. Attending and participating in weekly Bible studies and other practices to grow in Christ likeness.

3. Committing to a local church body for fellowship, worship, and the teaching of God’s Word.

4. Pursuing a lifestyle that continually points to Jesus Christ. We believe the following conduct is inconsistent with a commitment to Christ:

Sexual Immorality – adultery, fornication, homosexual behavior, and pornography

Drug or Alcohol Abuse – illegal use of controlled substances or the abuse of alcohol or prescription or over the counter drugs 

Abuse of Children – sexual or other abuse of children within or outside the family,including inappropriate physical contact and sexually suggestive conversation

Criminal Conduct – criminal behavior deemed unlawful under local, state, or federal law

5. We believe outward appearance and attitudes can help or hinder our Christian testimony before both believers and nonbelievers alike. Our desire is to exhibit an attitude and appearance that glorifies the Lord and builds the trust of our guests. For that reason we ask that our staff present themselves as clean, well kept, modest, and humble. We feel anything that draws undue attention to physical appearance such as unnatural hair color, exposed tattoos, excessive piercings, and immodest clothing are unwise and can be a distraction to our guests and other staff members. If you have any questions about what may be unacceptable, please ask the director.

Part VII: Authorization

Read each of the following statements. Please respond with a “Yes” or “No” in the blank to the left of the statement and then sign and date below.